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Prema Renewable Diesel (HVO)

What is Prema Renewable Diesel (HVO) ?

Prema Renewable Diesel is classed as HVO – Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil.

This is a renewable diesel which has been produced from vegetable fats and oils. HVO is an extremely high quality fuel; resulting in excellent combustion, emissions and storage properties. 

How is Hydrotreated Vegatable Oil (HVO) manufactured?

Hydrotreated Vegtabable Oil (HVO) is manufactured using a complex hydrogenation and isomerisation process. This process results in a very high quality and consistent fuel product, with removed impurities.  

Compared to both standard diesel and Biodiesel, HVO is much cleaner-burning and more environmentally friendly option.

Thanks to improved fuel quality and removed hydrogen, HVO has considerably an increased shelf life while in storage. 

Can my engine / generator use Prema Renewable Diesel?

If it runs on Diesel, yes!

Prema Renewable Diesel is a drop in replacement for regular diesel and gas-oil. If your machinery or vehicles use regular diesel, they can run on Prema Renewable Diesel.

Our renewable diesel is approved for use by a wide range of Original Engine Manufactures. HVO meets EN15940 standard for paraffinic fuels and Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EC Annex II. 

How long can the fuel be stored for?

Since impurities are removed during the manufacturing process, shelf life is increased to around 10 years.

Typical road grade diesel (containing FAME) typically starts to develop microbial growth after only 3 months. Prema Renewable Diesel is the choice fuel for emergency generators and critical plant

Do I need to modify my engine / generator?

No. If your machinery or vehicles use regular diesel, they can run perfectly on Prema Renewable Diesel without modification.

Can I blend Renewable Diesel with ordinary diesel?

Yes. Prema Renewable Diesel is fully miscible with regular grade road diesel and gasoil. Thanks to meeting EN15940 standard for paraffinic fuels and Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EC Annex II; Prema Renewable Diesel can be blended with ordinary diesel in any ratio. 

Will Prema Renewable Diesel effect my equipment warrantee?

Prema Renewable Diesel is an extremely high quality fuel, which is approved for use by the following Original Engine Manufacturers:


Heavy Duty Road Vehicles Passenger Cars Non-road use
DAF Citroen Caterpillar
Scania DS Agco Power
Renault Mercedes-Benz(Nordic) Deere
MAN Volvo Scania
Iveco Renault MTU
Daimler Peugeot Steyr
Volvo Deutz

How much does Prema Renewable Diesel cost?

Prema Energy’s fuel sales of around 80 million litres a year,  results in considerable buying power. We guaranteed a great price for your HVO fuel all year round.

Contact our team to gain a quote today.

Environment and Sustainabilty 

How much CO2 will I save by converting?

When combusting 100% HVO, expect to save up to 90% of CO2 emissions vs traditional diesel or gasoil.

These savings take into account the whole manufacturing and transport lifecycle of our fuel.

To see how much CO2 you should expect to save, see our carbon calculator here…

What other emissions will I reduce?

Prema Renewable Diesel will reduce the following emissions: Particulates, ash and smoke, suphur, Poly-aromatics and NOx.

Is HVO the same as Biodiesel?

No. There are considerable differences between Prema Renewable Diesel (HVO) and Biodiesel.  

Regular biodiesel (FAME) is a mixture of fatty acid esters with varying degrees of unsaturation which are susceptible to oxidation. FAME absorbs atmospheric moisture, increasing the risk of microbial attack over time. This is why FAME biodiesel has a short shelf life and requires monitoring. 

The Prema Renewable Diesel (HVO) production process removes unsaturation and contaminants resulting in a pure hydrocarbon fuel.  This fuel is much more stable and lasts years in storage without microbial growth. 

Delivery and Operations

How quickly can you deliver fuel?

Our renewable diesel fuel is available for delivery to any site in the mainland UK within 48 hours. 

How will the fuel be delivered?

We hold partnerships with a number of established fuel hauliers and distributors, throughout the UK. We are able to supply you fuel; from 300 litres to fuel an excavator to regular 36,000 litre deliveries. 

Do you supply the whole United Kingdom?

We currently supply any site within the mainland UK.

HVO (Prema Renewable Diesel) – Fuel Specification

Property  Value Unit
Appearance at +25 °C  Clear & Bright 
Cetane number  > 70.0 
Density at +15 °C  770.0…790.0  kg/m
Total aromatics  < 1.0  % (m/m) 
Polyaromatics  < 0.1  % (m/m) 
Sulfur  < 5.0  mg/kg 
FAME-content  0 % (V/V) 
Flash point  > 61  °C 
Carbon residue on 10 % distillation  < 0.10  % (m/m) 
Ash  < 0.001  % (m/m) 
Water  < 200  mg/kg 
Total contamination  < 10  mg/kg 
Water and sediment  ≤ 0.02  % (V/V) 
Copper corrosion  Class 1 
Oxidation stability  < 25  g/m3
Lubricity HFRR at +60 °C  ≤ 460 *** ≈ 650 ****  μm 
Viscosity at +40 °C  2.00 … 4.00  mm2/s 
Distillation 95% (V/V) 90% (V/V)  < 320 282 … 338  °C °C 
Final boiling point  < 330  °C 
Cloud point and CFPP *****  As needed -5…-34  °C 
Antistatic additive  Added 
Conductivity  ≥ 50  pS/m 



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