Building and Construction

Building and Construction

Reducing CO2 and Particulate Emissions on UK Construction Projects

Prema Renewable Diesel is approved by a range of engine manufacturers …

Why use Renewable Diesel in Construction?

Cut CO2 emissions throughout the construction supply-chain

Improve occupational health by reducing NOx and particulate emissions levels


Reduces spill risk to environment with non-toxic, biodegradable fuel

Lower engine noise by 2 - 6 dB

Refuel your machinery, bowsers or IBC's with out fleet of 900 road tankers


Tender for work within Clean Air Zones

Reduce supply chain emissions

Lower NOx and improve air quality

Meet pre-tender emissions criteria

We know there are many considerations when changing fuel supply

Optimise your fuel supply in 3 simple steps ...

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Delivering fuel to any UK site in 48 hrs

Partnered with the UK’s no. 1 fuel distributor 

With over 900 fuel tankers in the UK, we can promise a reliable, flexible and professional service.

We can refuel your bowsers, IBC’s or plant directly. 

Safety without compromise

Prema Energy delivers fuel to your site in accordance with our distributor’s highly robust management systems and accreditations:

  • Health and safety (OHSAS 18001)

  • International Safety Rating System (ISRS) Level 4

  • Environmental management (ISO 14001)

  • Quality (ISO 9001)

  • Energy management (ISO 50001)

Reducing Your Site’s Carbon Footprint

Decarbonising construction

The construction industry is responsible for 10 % of the UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions.

Growing pressure is mounting on industry stakeholders to reduce their CO2 emissions throughout the project lifecycle. 

Critically, this transition must maintain smooth operations, ensure plant reliability and prove to be economically viable.

Lower emissions on site

Prema Renewable Diesel (HVO) offers up to 90% carbon savings over traditional road grade diesel.

The combustion of HVO does not release any new greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. The only new CO2 emissions are associated with the processing and transport of fuel to the UK.

To determine exactly how much CO2 you could save, see our Carbon Calculator further below:


Reduce greenhouse gas emissions up to 90%

Clients, contractors and their supply chains are all searching for the same thing: A simple, cost effective and reliable means of decarbonising construction activities. 

Improving Air Quality

National health concern

Diesel combustion is a major emitter of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), particulates and polyamoratics.

The health effects on local workforce and the public are severe; ranging from breathlessness and dizziness, through to increased rates of lung cancer.


Improving occupational health on site

Prema Renewable Diesel offers an immediate and substantial reduction in polyaromatics and particulate emissions. NOx emissions are much lower than standard diesel and exhaust smoke levels are considerably reduced.

In a number of minutes, you can reduce the emissions of all vehicles and generators combusting the diesel on site. Crucially, this includes older high-emissions vehicles and plant.


Reduction in polyaromatics


Reduction of ash / particulates

Prevent exposure to (harmful emissions) by adopting substitution of diesel fuel to a safer fuel alternative.

Health and safety legislation requires you to prevent the exposure of employees and others to substances hazardous to health.

Health and Safety Executive: Control of diesel engine exhaust emissions the workplace

21: COSHH Regulation 8 ISBN 978 0 7176 6306

Drop-in Fuel Replacement

Compatable with any diesel machinery

All diesel engines, new or old, operate perfectly on Prema Renewable Diesel.

Thanks to excellent miscibility with other fuels, you just top your machinery up with Prema Renewable Diesel and start operating – no need to drain your tanks prior to changing fuel.

This allows rapid switching to renewable fuel for especially environmentally sensitive projects.

Prema Reneable Diesel meets all EU requirements for renewable fuels.



Compatible with all diesel engines and generators

How much CO2 will you save?

Carbon Saving Calculator

Other benefits for construction professionals

 Biodegradable and non-toxic

Prema renewable diesel is manufactured from 100% natural feed-stock.

This results in a fuel which is both non-toxic to the evironment and fully biodegrades in around 28 days.

This provides considerable benefit to contractors operating near/on waterways, in SSSI areas and whenever there is a risk of fuel spillage. 


Long term storage

Standard grade road diesel contains 7 – 10% FAME – a lower grade biofuel than HVO. Due to FAME’s high water content, algae and bacteria will start growing in only 3 months of stagnation.

Prema Renewable Diesel (HVO) has excellent long term storage properties. This helps plant and generators to start first time – regardless of how long they are inactive.

Emergency generators, marine applications and seasonal machinery often use HVO for this reason. 

Nationwide Delivery

We offer UK mainland delivery within 48 hours – thanks to our fleet of haulage and distribution partners.

We refuel site bowsers, IBC’s and plant directly. 


Still have unanswered questions?

How is Prema Renewable Diesel (HVO) manufactured?

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What is the HVO fuel Spec?

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